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Top 10 Hottest Animated Chicks (by DuskMindAbyss) by DuskMindAbyss
Top 10 Hottest Animated Chicks (by DuskMindAbyss)
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Another meme!!! Yay!! Because everyone has their favorite animated waifus!!!!! And these are, to me, the hottest animated female characters ever!!!

10. Midori Hibiki: Probably the hottest (human) character in every Yu-Gi-Oh! series ever!! Hot for teacher indeed!
9. Black Widow: Many other Marvel characters could have made it into the list (Rogue, Storm, Captain marvel, the Wasp, Spider-Woman...etc...), however, it is Natasha Romanoff who is the current poster girl for hot super-heroines, and i mean, she deserves the praise. The catsuit, the read hair (my weakness, i admit), the curves, a thick russian accent, killer thights... everything!!
8. C.C.: She is the epytome of mysterious waifs (not waifus) in anime. Instead of being an innocent, lost girl; she is sarcastic, snarky and scheming... Yet, she still manages to captivate you and catch your liking. And she is hot, either thanks or despite her trademark favorite food (that´s why she is called Pizza Butt).
7. Chun-li: Miss first lady of videogames and her thunder thights of awesome is here. Yayyy!!!!
6. Morrigan: Miss Fanservice herself. I mean, she is a succubus!!! She was BORN to be hot, and it´s part of her job deal. Getting it on with her would must likely mean giving up your soul and end up as a dry bag of husking skin abandoned on some dark street... and it would be damn worthy!
5. Mai Shiranui: If you need me to explain why she is here then there is something definately wrong with you!!
4. Misato Katsuragi: Probably my first ever animated crush ever. Despite how crushing, depresing and screwed up everything was in that show, Misato was always trying to cheer everyone up and be as possitive as possible despite every other person in the show being so f*cked up. Her looks, personality and optimism just made her stand.
3. Samus Aran: Wake up, people!! She has akways been a sex symbol, probably one of the firsts in the industry (iadmit that it has been over-abused as of late... blame Brawl). Still, blondes are hot (i prefer redheads, but i am not that picky!!).
2. Tifa Lockhart: When i first played FFVII she made quite an impression (Aerith did to,, but alas...). And have you SEEN her in Advent of Children? God, she is a total 3D uncanny babe int there!! And I mean it!!!!
1. Catherine: The epitome of FANTASY!!! In the game she is basically the personification of romantic affairs and cheating!! Once again, being a Succubus makes that to you. Wonder if she has met Morrigan before...

Anyway, i hope you like this uninspired and unoriginal list.


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